Liquidating distribution or dividend

The purchase and redemption prices for our shares will be determined at the end of each business day based upon the NAV for such class and will not be based on any established trading price.

For example if the previous share value was per share for 40,000 shares, the total market value equaled 0,000 (40,000 x ).

Company management, however, was blissfully unaware of this development and continued to file the business’s federal corporate income tax return and pay all federal income taxes.

Eventually, company officers learned of their plight and reincorporated the business in the same state.

As a result, you will not know the purchase or redemption price at the time you submit your purchase order or redemption request.

The price at which your purchase is executed could be higher than our NAV per share at the time you submit your purchase order, and the price at which your redemption is executed could be lower than our NAV per share at the time you submit your redemption request.


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