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“More than 40 percent of Black women are not married.It is the third installment of The Real Housewives franchise with a peach serving as a symbol for the series, as the state of Georgia is a renowned peach growing area and one of the well-known streets in Atlanta is known as Peachtree Street.Kim decides she wants to design a line of wigs, and gets the ball rolling by going to cosmetology school.New housewife Kandi contemplates her new life with fiance AJ, while Sheree's party plans start to go awry. "'Cause I don't want to be out in the middle of the ocean and then Sea Tow comes to repo the boat." OUCH.First, all Albie and Chris did was whore out their reality show fame in service to a random product. If she loses weight, she's probably going to be doing just that in service to Nicholas Perricone. Secondly, from what we've seen, Caroline is giving her some pretty mixed messages.These articled, according to Ramona, were about Bethenny's softcore porn past. ' But B needs to add the drama and talk about me being a drama queen. Bethenny was quick to point out that it was a job she took when she was making a go at acting in Los Angeles."The dinner was like Ramona defended it as concern during the exchange. "As for the cute and calculated concern, you decide for yourself what the intent was," she wrote. Maybe she needs to watch herself."Bethenny skipped dinner at Ramona's the following night, but the drama is far from over."Well, Bethenny and I have probably the most…explosive fight ever," Ramona told E! "I never, ever in my life had a situation with that with any girlfriend…It kind of tortured my soul a little bit and you'll have to see what happened.

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To us, Jacqueline's like, oh, you mean the article you got paid to be interviewed for? It's always like 'Albie and Chris, Albie and Chris.' I feel like maybe if I were skinny, then it would be 'Lauren too.'" That is so sad on many different levels.In her blog, Ramona posed this question: "Aggressive, inappropriate or just a bitch? "None of those words fully describe what happened at the restaurant! "Maybe that's why she's being like that with me, cold, because she's going through menopause," Teresa says. Lauren Manzo is on her liquid diet and is not a happy camper. Actually, they are, if they keep paying her for those "exclusives." The ladies are chatting on the boat, and Jacqueline reveals that Caroline Manzo may be going through menopause.Shereé decides to throw herself an "Independence Party" to celebrate her recent divorce, while Lisa and her husband discuss the idea of having another baby.


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