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Individuals who suffer from sexual addictions often come from dysfunctional families and have often been abused by others in the past.

Studies have also found a large number of sex addicts have family members who also suffer from other types of addiction.

Ann Landers and Dear Annie have addressed this a few times. Some couples are fine with this, both parties viewing it as merely masturbation, but you're not okay with it and he is. IMO some premarital counseling is in order (often a good idea anyway).

It has nothing to do with you, but usually has to do with sex addiction and counseling is needed. I merely signed on here to ask advice from the forum. I think the biggest questions - which are, IMO, is he willing to give this up if it will hurt your partnership, and, can you be willing to accept it if not - are unanswerable in this forum, and the subject is so emotionally charged, having a conversation about it without moderation may do more harm than good.

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CNN reports as many as 80 percent of sex addicts have experienced emotional trauma or sexual abuse.

If you believe you or someone you care about might be suffering from sexual addiction, it’s crucial to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms.

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